Scholarship in the Netherlands
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How to get a scholarship in the Netherlands for Indonesian students?

You should know that there are so many reasons to study in the Netherlands, come from the beautiful city here, the low cost of education, the low cost of living, innovative teaching systems, great study programs, easy to explore and more. no wonder that there are so many Indonesian students dream of study here. So, if you want to know on how to get scholarship in the Netherlands for Indonesian, check some tips below.

Ensure that you should be received first

Usually, the Dutch Scholarship Program requires applicants to be accepted first in the universities in the Netherlands. Therefore, you should think what universities and majors were selected through the website. Do not forget to check the requirements, application process and registration deadline first. The evidence of applicants who were accepted in the university is Letter of Acceptance (LoA). This letter is divided into conditional or unconditional acceptance.

Some scholarships in Netherlands

There are many ways to study in the Netherlands. You just choose what program you want. Whether it is a degree or non-degree program. There degree programs such as master, doctoral degree or bachelor. Non Degree programs such as student training or student exchange. There are some scholarships in the Netherlands, such as StuNed Scholarship. Orange Tulip Scholarship, Indonesian Government Scholarship, Erasmus+ Scholarship, Holland Scholarship and so on.

Following the registration process

The process of applying for scholarships to the Netherlands usually uses an online system through scholarship providers, directly go to the universities official agents and so on. usually, applications do not require to speak Dutch since there are a lot of study programs will be taught in English. In addition to educational documents and personal data, applicants were asked to attach a Motivation Letter and Recommendation Letter. This is brief information on how scholarship in Netherlands for Indonesian. So, keep going your dream and follow all the requirements will lead you to success.

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