how to write university application letter for best

5 Tips on Writing a Persuasive University Application letter

Writing a motivation letter should not be a nightmare for sure. However, some of you might be wondering how to write a persuasive university application letter. In this article, we are going to show you how to write university application letter especially persuasive yet effective one.

#1 Find out more

Before making a university application letter, you need to do some research about the company you are going to apply for. The research will help you to find out the latest issues and challenges of the company. Later, you can make yourself the one they need to fix the problems.

#2 Make it personal

It is important to write your own university application letter. Never intend to make someone else wrote it for you. The main goal of a university application letter is putting your reflections on it and it also requires personalities in it.

#3 Make it direct

How to write university application letter is supposed to show your motivation and intention to those who read it. You cannot use any convoluted sentence. Make sure you have explained what you are looking for clearly and simply. Make sure you only write important things because anything can be explained later in another section of your document. Also, make sure that your motivation letter is not more than one page of A4 paper.

#4 Focus on your strength

The main purpose of a university application letter or your cover letter is to grab the attention of recruiters and later they will invite you to the interview stage. Make sure the points you are mentioning are the important ones and those are your strong points. This is also important to make sure that you also make a stunning and attractive CV to make anything looks perfect and interesting.

#5 Balance

Of course, you will need to show the best light of yourself to the recruiter. However, you cannot be too much arrogant or something like that. Other than that, you cannot just under-estimate yourself or too modest. The recruiter needs to know that you have a strong intention, dedicated and has a strong ground on what you say.


A motivation letter is not just any letter. You need to make the recruiters understand and interested in you because of what you have shown. A university application letter and CV is like the first thing you will need to show in order to get through to the next level. And if you really want to get the job, you need to make a good one.

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